About Author

I'm a California resident who grew up in a Christian family in the Bay Area. The Lord used the many years of Sunday school, youth group, Bible study, and Sunday services that I had growing up to mold and shape my current walk with Him. However, the biggest paradigm shift for my Biblical comprehension occurred when I was exposed to and started studying the discipline of Biblical Theology and principle of preaching Christ from all Scripture in my early adult years.

I have had the privilege to serve in various ministries over the years, including youth ministry, worship teams, Bible studies, and discipleship programs. Through it all I find myself becoming increasingly burdened to see more Christians understand how all of Scripture points to Christ, hence, the inception of this blog.

Whether it be through talking about what is on my heart, or in discussing books, articles, videos, sermons, or preachers, my hope is that God will be more glorified and Christ will be more magnified in the hearts and minds of every Christian. 

for His glory,

Branden Obrero